Monday, June 30, 2014

Immigrant or not?

I am 27 years old. I consider myself to be a digital immigrant that has now been digitized. I am able to navigate through new foreign technology quite well. I am noticing as time progresses that technology is adapting to our needs and becoming much more homogenous. I believe that my acclimation to technology developed through the numerous cell phones that I have owned throughout the decades. I began my cell phone ownership with an old Nokia phone. It was before flip phones became popular. It was very simple in form and did not have a camera, color screen, music storage etc. If fact, I am not even sure if there were different ringtones available. I remember that my phone had a changeable cover and texting took forever! Since then, my cell phones have seemed to become increasingly more technical and complex as time passed. I had no choice but to acclimate in order to continue owning a cell phone!

Other technologies have also been in my life since I was  kid. We did not own a computer until I was in high school but was lucky enough to have a Gameboy and Sega Genesis. Later, in high school, my sisters and I also got a Nintendo 64. As these systems became more complex and added new buttons and commands, our knowledge of technology evolved.

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